I won’t be going back to the main dealer for any work in the future

Trust is so important these days...
I've had an issue with the steering on my A5 for a good few months and have lost all faith in the main dealer and a local wheel alignment centre.
I contacted Dave at ADS and he said no matter what, they'd fix it. I was introduced to Lee when I took the car in. Great "no nonsense" guy who wanted to understand what was happening (yes, he actually took time to listen) and then started with the basics.
He took it for a test drive, agreed there was a problem and put it on the ramps then spent half an hour doing an initial inspection - noting some damage from a previous minor bump on the front nearside. The tyres were shot because of the faulty alignment so he suggested I go get two new tyres on it (absolutely no issues with me using my usual local tyre supplier) then bring it back the following week. No charge. Seriously.
I took it back today, Lee took it for another test drive with the new tyres fitted and agreed there was still an issue. Martin did the 4-wheel alignment, took it for another test drive, did a final tune of the 4-wheel alignment then came with me on another test drive to make sure it was all sorted to my satisfaction. What a service!
Not only that, but Dave gave me the use of his office (I was 10 miles from home), kept me supplied with copious amounts of fresh coffee and kept me company for an hour.
Just good, honest guys (not forgetting Donna) who love doing what they do.
I for one won't be going back to the Audi main dealers for any work to be done in the future.
ADS has a new and loyal customer. Thanks for everything guys.

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